Friday, February 21, 2014

Look for increased police presence this summer at Freeman Park

Freeman Park is, by most accounts, a true asset to citizens and visitors to  Carolina Beach. With its wide expanse of beach and vehicle access, it's a very popular spot. But some changes are in the works, according to WECT.

Visitors should expect a more pronounced police presence at the park this summer. In fact, the presence will double, according to a memo by Town Manager Michael Cramer.


A Hatteras ramp designed to decrease any traffic backups at the entrance to the park is scheduled to be completed by the end of April. Additional trash and recycling receptacles are also planned for the park this summer.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Good Hops: CB getting into the craft brewing game

The Atlantic Cities recently asked, "Has Craft Beer Finally Gone Too Far?" The answer is, well, probably. (Click the link and take the ridiculous quiz if you think otherwise.) However, that's not to say that we're not jazzed to see that folks in Carolina Beach will soon get to enjoy all that craft beer has to offer.

Just this week, Good Hops Brewery received zoning approval to open near Dow Road and Harper Avenue in CB, according to the Triangle Business Journal. According to the TBJ, while Wilmington already boasts craft beer opportunities, this will be the first such location on Paradise Island.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

No more 2- or 3-day passes for Freeman Park

WECT recently reported that there will no longer be available two- or three-day passes for accessing Freeman Park via vehicle. 

For the entire month of December, a season pass will be sold for $60 but must be purchased in person at Town Hall, Parks and Recreation Center, Island Tackle and Hardware, Canal Drive Scotchman and Brew Thru. 
The regular price of an annual pas swill remain at $100. 
Council members also voted unanimously to allow a daily pass for $20 and weekly pass for $50.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Boardwalk news, y'all

There are some nifty plans to revitalize the Carolina Beach boardwalk -- a boardwalk with national acclaim.

CB town officials recently hosted an informational meeting to talk about plans for a $1.5 million renovation.
Now, town leaders are trying to determine how to use the $1.1 million they have in grant money from various different agencies, according to WECT.
Lewis says they've received a lot of help from volunteers, but they want more public input for the final stages of the project before construction begins.
"Our general public here and the residents here are taking ownership," said Lewis. "It adds a little pride to all of us when we get involved so we're looking to get as many people as we can to make this happen."
In other boardwalk news, Labor Day was probably good for biz.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A great, old view of CB -- 'The South's Miracle Beach'

Tip of the hat to the good folks over at Goodnight, Raleigh! for this one. It's an old linen postcard of Carolina Beach -- at night.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An alligator and an 'awesome' boardwalk


Carolina Beach is such a wonderful place that it is loved by human travelers -- and reptilian travelers, apparently.

Jeremy Kelly was enjoying the beach on Sunday and spotted something, uh, interesting in the surf.

A gator.

"Kelly was even able to snap a picture of it, before police and wildlife officers moved the reptile," according to WWAY.
"No word on how the reptile got there, or where it was taken and released."

Of course, this is not that uncommon as alligators can be found in the Cape Fear River region. And there have been gators spotted at Carolina Beach Lake Park. (There are even signs warning people about gators.)

In other "awesome" news, Carolina Beach has been named one of "America's Most Awesome Boardwalks," according to Tuesday's episode of Today. Click here for the complete list.

"Appropriately located on Pleasure Island, Carolina Beach specializes in making you forget your cares," the report reads.
The Oceanfront Boardwalk and Promenade in Myrtle Beach also made the list, citing the area's history, charm and hospitality, according to WECT.
Some of the other boardwalks on the list include: Atlantic City, Ocean City, and Disney World. 

(Alligator photo courtesy of Jeremy Kelly via WWAY.)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Freeman Park: the ugly and the beautiful

Freeman Park was apparently the site of a bacchanalian-like Memorial Day weekend in Carolina Beach. Loud parties, litter, debauchery, etc. It's not surprising then to read that some changes may be coming to the park, according to WECT.

Several hours and trash bags later, leaders in Carolina Beach are ready to consider some changes to Freeman Park at the north end of Pleasure Island.

Volunteers joined most of Carolina Beach Town Council Monday afternoon to comb the beach for loose debris and trash left by campers from the Memorial Day weekend.

Councilman Steve Shuttleworth said what he witnessed Monday was not as bad as the messes he saw early Sunday morning, which prompted the cleanup tour.

"We just want Freeman Park to be a positive experience for everyone," he said.

More trash cans, some recycle bins and an ash disposal area for what's left of campfires are just a few of the suggestions before council. Lewis said there's also the possibility of stepping up enforcement during busy holiday weekends with part-time beach monitors.

"If people are leaving stuff here, maybe they should get a summons in the mail," he said.

Jan Weissbeck, who helped in the cleanup effort, said the town has a moral obligation to keep everyone safe on the island. She said she's worried about the good times going too far at Freeman Park and spilling into the nearby neighborhoods

"I hear a lot of screaming all through the night, and I hate to think that people are leaving this park in that obviously intoxicated state of mind," said Weissbeck.

In *better* Freeman  Park news, a seal enjoyed some time along the beach there recently. Let's all "ooh" and "ahh" over this rare visitor.

Enjoy the seal (via YouTube).