Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't let the rain and cold weather fool ya: Summer's on its way!

Yes, it's somewhat abnormally cold and dreary, but don't let that trouble you. Summer (and warmer weather) is on its way.

How do I know that?

Britt's Donuts is open!

Life is good.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Freeman Park passes have doubled

People are lining up to get their passes to Freeman Park in Carolina Beach. Last year the town agreed to increase fees after March, so beachgoers are rushing to pay the lower price, according to WECT.

Town officials Freeman Park pass sales have more than doubled compared to last year. This time last year, Carolina Beach sold 1,655 passes. This year they've already sold 3,491.

"We've had a big rush for people who want to get in and save that $40," said Dennis Barbour, owner of True Value in Carolina Beach.

Passes can be purchased for $60 until the end of March. After April 1 the price rises to $100.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bike Week coming? Maybe. Wing Fling? Definitely

Update: OK, so looks like no Bike Week in CB after all.

Danny Swinson, a Carolina Beach citizen, requested that council consider hosting a Bike Week in Carolina Beach, but withdrew his proposal after a public outcry against it.

The concerns in the community centered around the congestion and potential crime associated with an event of this kind. Council voted not to endorse bike week.

There's some chatter about a Bike Week in Carolina Beach, according to WECT.

Carolina Beach Town Hall will vote [tonight] whether or not to host the motor-friendly event.

Danny Swinson is the man behind the idea, and he said it's not meant to be a replacement to the Myrtle Beach Bike Week that has had problems in the past.

Swinson's event would be more like Shallotte's Bike Week, which has become a refuge for bikers wanting to escape the Myrtle Beach hassle.

Carolina Beach already has a couple biker clubs populating the boardwalk area, and the local businesses WECT spoke with said they're ready for more bikers. ...

If residents are worried about rugged, hard-nosed bikers rolling into town, Swinson said they have the wrong idea of bikers. The three biker clubs he plans to invite to the event are Rolling Thunder, The Blue Knights and The Red Knights, which include retired servicemen, police officers and fire fighters, respectively.

One thing that is definitely coming to CB is Wing Fling, again according to WECT.

After some controversy and confusion, it appears the Wing Fling festival will take place in Carolina Beach.

Organizers were recently turned down for an ABC permit to hold the event in downtown Wilmington. Weeks before, they had been turned down by New Hanover County leaders to hold the event at Hugh McRae Park.

In the 11th hour, Carolina Beach leaders gave the organizers their approval. The event will be Saturday, March 26th at Cape Fear Boulevard. Tickets cost $15 and must be bought in advance. Bringing your own alcohol is not an option.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vendors at Freeman Park?

Freeman Park has long been revered for its unspoiled simplicity. But that could change.

"Town leaders in Carolina Beach are looking for ways to enhance the beach experience," says WECT.

Town council members are expected to talk about allowing push cart vendors at Freeman Park this season. A discussion about the topic is set for a special meeting Tuesday.

Last year the town allowed the delivery of beer from the Brew Thru.

What are your thoughts? Will this "enhance" the beach experience? Or just clutter it?
(Image from foreveryoungphotos)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Azalea Festival: An institution

Wow, 64 years is a long time for one event to have kept on, keepin' on. But the N.C. Azalea Festival has been bringing it for that long.

This year's version will take place April 6-10 in Wilmington.

A springtime tradition since 1948, the 64th Annual North Carolina Azalea Festival(April 6-10, 2011) celebrates the rich history, arts, and culture of Wilmington & North Carolina’s Cape Fear Coast(Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach). During April when our region’s landscape is dominated by thousands of brilliant pink, white, and purple azaleas, we pay homage to these dazzling flowers during the annual N.C. Azalea Festival, a five-day celebration that ushers in spring with Southern hospitality and fanfare. This is why Wilmington, N.C. was recognized as an “Azalea City” by The Azalea Society of America in December 2009.

Highlights of the N.C. Azalea Festival include Azalea belles dressed in period hoop skirts, a parade, juried arts and craft shows, a traveling circus, concerts, fireworks, and a street fair with exhibits, vendors, live entertainment, and kids’ activities. Signature events include the Cape Fear Garden Club’s Azalea Garden Tour (April 8-10), one of the South’s longest-running and most popular garden tours.

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