Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New sand renourishes my soul

It's hard to have fun at the beach if there is no beach. And you can't really have a beach without sand. (Heck, you couldn't even call it "the beach" if there's nowhere to put your feet, your cooler or your umbrella. It would just be "the ocean!") 

We knew when we first bought Our Beach Place that the closest section of beach was, eh, sparse at high tide. But we didn't care so much to not get it. Well, within the past year, a beach renourishment project took place, and the difference is night and day. Whereas before the ocean water came up to the rocks that line the dunes at high tide, now I don't think I've ever seen more beach on the North Carolina coast. It's remarkable. 

Well, more good news (and sand) is on the way as Congress announced it will continue to fund federal renourishment aid to Carolina Beach, according to WWAY. This is GREAT news.

Carolina Beach's 50-year renourishment project was set to expire this year. That left the possibility of finding a way to use state and local funds only to pay for the multi-million-dollar sand replenishment projects. Instead, the WRRDA authorizes a three-year extension of coastal storm damage projects scheduled to expire in the next five years, including Carolina Beach. It also creates a process by which successful projects can be extended by up to 15 years with the help of federal funds.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Look for increased police presence this summer at Freeman Park

Freeman Park is, by most accounts, a true asset to citizens and visitors to  Carolina Beach. With its wide expanse of beach and vehicle access, it's a very popular spot. But some changes are in the works, according to WECT.

Visitors should expect a more pronounced police presence at the park this summer. In fact, the presence will double, according to a memo by Town Manager Michael Cramer.


A Hatteras ramp designed to decrease any traffic backups at the entrance to the park is scheduled to be completed by the end of April. Additional trash and recycling receptacles are also planned for the park this summer.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Good Hops: CB getting into the craft brewing game

The Atlantic Cities recently asked, "Has Craft Beer Finally Gone Too Far?" The answer is, well, probably. (Click the link and take the ridiculous quiz if you think otherwise.) However, that's not to say that we're not jazzed to see that folks in Carolina Beach will soon get to enjoy all that craft beer has to offer.

Just this week, Good Hops Brewery received zoning approval to open near Dow Road and Harper Avenue in CB, according to the Triangle Business Journal. According to the TBJ, while Wilmington already boasts craft beer opportunities, this will be the first such location on Paradise Island.