Monday, June 20, 2016

The perfect weekend getaway

My lovely wife and I recently had the opportunity to get away JUST THE TWO OF US for our 15th anniversary. We decided to enjoy what Carolina Beach has to offer. In all honesty, it was an opportunity to take advantage of the area like we normally can't with kids in tow. And it was so much fun.

After getting settled into Our Beach Place Friday evening, we hit the Flaming Amy's Carolina Beach location. We've seen the "Eat at Flaming Amy's" bumper stickers for years, but have never been to one. It was amazing. I had the Buffalo Shrimp Po Boy burrito, which was unbelievable. And it's hard to beat their salsa bar.

After dinner, we walked from our condo toward the boardwalk area of CB. Again, this is something we had probably deemed as too ambitious with children, but it was actually a very pleasant mile-walk along the beach. After meandering around the boardwalk activity, we sunk into some chair outside at the Fat Pelican -- a dive bar in every sense of the word.

On Saturday, we walked back to the boardwalk in hopes of beating the early-morning Britt's Donuts crowd. No such luck. But you know what? We didn't mind -- we had all day and it was nice to meet people while we waited about 40 minutes for the doughy goodness. The wait was well worth it.

The bulk of the rest of Saturday was spent lounging on the (spacious) beach. A cool, stiff breeze kept things very pleasant.  For dinner, we hit the Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar -- and were able to sit on the pier this time around. (Again, because of being sans kids.)  My wife had a crabcake sandwich and I had fried shrimp -- all washed down with great drinks. We even saw an ocean rescued and a wedding from the pier!

Finally, before leaving on Sunday, we had our second donut experience of the weekend at Wake and Bake. I got a turtle-flavored donut, while my wife got a peanut butter one. WOW, were they good. And the donuts are so different from Britt's that I don't even feel like I'm cheating.

All in all, it was a fantastic, relaxing and enjoyable weekend in Carolina Beach.

Monday, March 21, 2016

It's getting closer and closer to shorts weather!

Hey, folks, Spring is finally here! Which means we are getting closer to Summer! I don't know about you, but I am ready for the warm weather. And so are these cuties! (Full disclosure: They are my kids.)

The calendar is already filling up over at Our Beach Place. Check the calendar if you are interested in reserving some time in beautiful Carolina Beach.