Thursday, April 11, 2013

A community pool is nice and all, but you can just use ours

The town of Carolina Beach is *this close* to having a community swimming pool -- which we are all for.

Let's go to WWAY!

Town Council voted Tuesday night to approve the community pool pending it fitting into the town’s annual budget.
Most of the people that attended Tuesday night’s meeting seemed excited about the idea moving forward but not everyone thought it was in the town’s best interest.
...“It's a need at this point,” said John Pellizzari, Ashley High School’s swim coach.Pellizzari says the facilities in the county are over used and having a controlled environment to teach kids to swim would be beneficial to the community.
"It's nice to have the ocean but you can't control the ocean. In a pool environment, you can control the pool environment. You can see, you can teach, you can walk you can stand," said Pellizzari.
Town Council voted 5-0 in favor of moving forward with the next step of planning for a community pool. They will now crunch numbers and see if a pool fits in with the budget.
...Mayor Bob Lewis says it will be months before the town officially decides whether they will build the pool.

Again, community amenities like this? I'm all for it. But just know that if you stay at Our Beach Place, especially in the warm months, we got a pool.