Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One of these days we'll actually see this in person

The Holiday Flotilla was held recently, and it sounds like an extremely cool thing.

"It’s a floating parade with fishing boats and pleasure craft decorated with thousands of lights that present a spectacular display on the intracoastal waterway," says WWAY. "Hundreds venture down to Pleasure Island each Christmas season to watch the sparkling event."

Unfortunately, we typically have a little holiday party of our own (in Raleigh) the same day as the Flotilla, which means we've never been able to enjoy it. Some day.

"We just thought it would be different. A lot of places in Raleigh, you know, there are parades and the usual Christmas stuff, but there are no flotillas because there's no ocean nearby,” Joan Plotnick of Raleigh said. “So we thought, we want to do something we've never done before, and then I saw this flotilla listing in the magazine and thought, that's different!"