Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach nourishment plans slashed

Carolina Beach will be receiving approximately half the sand it had expected next spring, Town Manager Tim Owens announced at the town’s special meeting Tuesday, according to the Star-News.

The project had been intended to nourish the beach from the north end of the town to near Atlanta Avenue, but now the project will stop at Sailfish Lane.

“We’ve lost over a mile of beach nourishment that was going to happen,” Owens said, adding that the depth of sand placed on the beach in the nourished part has been reduced as well. Between those two factors, the beach will get half the amount of sand originally expected.

The southern part of the town, which was to originally get sand as part of the Kure Beach project, will still receive its planned amount of sand.

I'm a bit confused here. So will the northern beaches be renourished? The second graf makes it sound like that. However the fourth graf makes it sound like it will be the southern part that gets the work. Hmm.

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