Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bowman's: Even the waitresses like it

The Wilmington Dish blog has a nice review of Bowman's Seafood in CB.

"This is where the Carolina Beach locals eat seafood. FRESH seafood! Though the curb appeal might not lure you in, their food will have you hooked," says the site.

Bowman's family atmosphere just makes you feel right at home. Even the waitresses love working there. One said, "If you want a job here, one of us will have to die first." If a seafood platter is screaming your name, you will get bang for your buck here. Very reasonably priced food for the amount you get! And you'll be temped to eat it all...though you shouldn't...because they feed you well! Make sure to check out the hallway headed back to the restrooms - they walls are covered with postcards, pictures, and hurricane history of Carolina Beach.

One more cool thing about Bowman's: they deliver. Nice.

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