Thursday, September 22, 2011

We've got Wi-Fi!

We actually made it down to Our Beach Place on Sunday for the first time in months, and we're happy to say that you all have taken great care of it. Everything looks great. (And Irene did no damage - yeah!)

In the coming months and years we plan to do a few minor modifications. The first priority is to replace the couch. It wasn't nearly as awful as I was expecting -- in fact, it looks great! -- but we do want to upgrade it, perhaps as early as this fall. Our other future plans include replacing the carpet with some nice hardwoods or pergo, and perhaps a better TV. But all in all, OBP looks fantastic!

One small upgrade we made: we now have wireless internet for our guests. We have had a modem for some months, but we had not gotten around to actually adding a wireless router. Now we have. Now our guests can surf on the beach and ALMOST surf from the beach.

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  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks for that update.