Friday, September 6, 2013

Boardwalk news, y'all

There are some nifty plans to revitalize the Carolina Beach boardwalk -- a boardwalk with national acclaim.

CB town officials recently hosted an informational meeting to talk about plans for a $1.5 million renovation.
Now, town leaders are trying to determine how to use the $1.1 million they have in grant money from various different agencies, according to WECT.
Lewis says they've received a lot of help from volunteers, but they want more public input for the final stages of the project before construction begins.
"Our general public here and the residents here are taking ownership," said Lewis. "It adds a little pride to all of us when we get involved so we're looking to get as many people as we can to make this happen."
In other boardwalk news, Labor Day was probably good for biz.

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