Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh, snap, Olde Salty!

The Olde Salty restaurant in Carolina Beach has gotten its share of publicity of late because of a sign that says: "Screaming Children Will NOT Be Tolerated!"

As this article states, this has raised all sorts of legal questions. But take the legality of it for a second and think about whether it's "right" or not. My first thought -- as someone who enjoys a nice, quiet dinner -- is something along the lines of "bravo!"

My next  thought -- as a parent -- is that I'm shocked any establishment would put up something like this. My third thought is that I'm not sure I would go to the Olde Salty, knowing this is up there. (And it's not because I'm scared my kids may misbehave -- that's actually the least of my concerns. I'm not sure I would want to give them business.)

It apparently has not hurt business, however, according to the owner.

“It has been a good thing for us,” Armes told NBC affiliate WECT. “It has brought in more customers than it has ever kept away.”
Indeed, a first-time diner at the Olde Salty told WECT he embraced the signage. “It’s not very enjoyable when you hear a bunch of kids screaming,” Gary Gibson said. “It’s nice to see a sign like that up.”

Full disclosure: I have no idea what the Olde Salty is like, or its clientele. I will now put forth a sweeping generalization and say that a place with the name "Olde Salty" probably has loud enough adults that kids aren't that big of a distraction. But I could be painfully wrong on that.

But what are your thoughts? Are you more apt to eat at a place that tries to police childish (literally!) behavior? Or do you find it tacky and will stay away?

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  1. She likes to say that the policy brought in more customers than it drove away. That's what Chik fil a thought too. They had their "customer apperciation day" and now Chik fil is seeing flagging sales.

    I would never go to this lady's restaurant. I don't even have kids. The fact that the community seems to tolerate this lady's attitude regarding children makes me stay away from the entire town.

    There are lots of other towns on the coast that welcome everybody.