Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CB leaders discuss expanding the boardwalk - BOARD-WALK!*

*Yes, that's a nod to "Under the Boardwalk." 

Not sure what the outcome was (the meeting was last night), but Carolina Beach leaders were scheduled to discuss a possible boardwalk expansion, according to WECT.

Anybody want to give an update?

Mayor Bob Lewis wants town council members to consider using $2,500 to draw up plans that could double the size of the existing boardwalk.  
"My concept would be to have multi-layered types of decking," said Lewis.  "Maybe a children's area where we might build a wooden pirate ship and play area for children.  This might be a feature that brings year round visitors." 
Lewis says the plan would not use tax payer dollars.  Instead, the town wants to use $1.2 million of leftover grant money from the NC Aquarium Pier Project, which was never built.  The town would first have to get clearance from state legislators.  
Lewis is confident that if plans are drawn first, then the town can get private investors on board in addition to using state grant money. 
"The idea here is, can we replace it with something that is really spectacular and can be a focal point in the community," said Lewis.

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