Thursday, May 23, 2013

CB getting renourished -- in a jiffy!

The beach renourishment project in Carolina Beach is finally underway. The bad news is there may be some ugly, broken-up beaches with pipes and equipment all over for a bit. The good news is it is scheduled to all be over by May 31, according to WECT, so it won't be THAT long.

The even BETTER news is when it's completed, there should be wider beaches for all to enjoy. (And there was much rejoicing.)

Let's go to the TV station's report:

Contractors will add 900,000 cubic yards of sand to the stretch of beach from the pier to the boardwalk area. They're moving at an estimated pace of 1,000 feet down the sand, according to Project Manager Bob Keistler.
He said the 24/7 work schedule should keep beachgoers from being discouraged, because crews won't be in one area too long.
"Once they finish placing the beach in one area, folks are able to swim, surf, and do whatever but they're will be a big pipe there," said Keistler.
The project needed special permits because of its late start, as it is currently turtle season.
Regulating agencies approved the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project to be the designated group to monitor the work's effect on turtles.
Doug Piatkowski, a biologist with the Corps, said crews have several options if they ever encounter a turtle -- they can relocate the turtle, work around it or completely stop the process until it is safe to begin again.

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