Thursday, May 30, 2013

Freeman Park: the ugly and the beautiful

Freeman Park was apparently the site of a bacchanalian-like Memorial Day weekend in Carolina Beach. Loud parties, litter, debauchery, etc. It's not surprising then to read that some changes may be coming to the park, according to WECT.

Several hours and trash bags later, leaders in Carolina Beach are ready to consider some changes to Freeman Park at the north end of Pleasure Island.

Volunteers joined most of Carolina Beach Town Council Monday afternoon to comb the beach for loose debris and trash left by campers from the Memorial Day weekend.

Councilman Steve Shuttleworth said what he witnessed Monday was not as bad as the messes he saw early Sunday morning, which prompted the cleanup tour.

"We just want Freeman Park to be a positive experience for everyone," he said.

More trash cans, some recycle bins and an ash disposal area for what's left of campfires are just a few of the suggestions before council. Lewis said there's also the possibility of stepping up enforcement during busy holiday weekends with part-time beach monitors.

"If people are leaving stuff here, maybe they should get a summons in the mail," he said.

Jan Weissbeck, who helped in the cleanup effort, said the town has a moral obligation to keep everyone safe on the island. She said she's worried about the good times going too far at Freeman Park and spilling into the nearby neighborhoods

"I hear a lot of screaming all through the night, and I hate to think that people are leaving this park in that obviously intoxicated state of mind," said Weissbeck.

In *better* Freeman  Park news, a seal enjoyed some time along the beach there recently. Let's all "ooh" and "ahh" over this rare visitor.

Enjoy the seal (via YouTube).

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